What is Devotionary™?

Devotionary is a blog I began more than nine years ago under the name Vessels of Clay. It began as part of a read-through-the-Bible for our church. As the Spiritual Growth pastor at the time, I wanted to help our people fall in love with God’s Word by providing them with annual reading plans that would make the Bible come alive. Over the years we developed a variety of different plans that took us through the Scriptures, but allowed us to do so in new and unique ways each year.

One of the things I did to help our people keep their commitment to read through the Bible was to read along with them, and by providing them with a daily blog on each day’s passage. That is how Devotionary came into being. For nearly a decade I have blogged through the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, on a regular basis, taking each book and providing an easy-to-understand synopsis of each day’s reading. The name Devotionary came about because I wanted each days blog to provide the inspiration of a daily devotional and the insights on a commentary, but in a style that’s easy to understand and apply.  The goal was to provide a solid understanding of the Bible’s overarching and unified message of redemption.

As you will see, I have covered each and every book of the Bible. Sometimes I have used a single verse format, where I take a major theme from a particular passage and unpack it. More recently, I have been going through each book of the Bible chapter by chapter, taking sections at a time and attempting to give helpful insights and application that are meant to respect the overall message of the book and maintain the overarching message it contains.

This project has become a labor of love and a regular part of my daily time in the Word. I wouldn’t miss it for anything. It has also resulted in a podcast, also called Devotionary, that is available for Apple and Android phones. I am slowly taking the blogs I have written over the years and recording them as short podcasts that allow you to listen along in your car or while you exercise. It’s a great way to stay in the Word each day. You can access the Devotionary podcast by CLICKING HERE.

There are also two books that have resulted from this effort. Both are available from Amazon in print and e-book formats. Click on the links below to learn more. The first is a study on the book of Romans and the second is a study on the psalms of David.

Justified: The Gospel of God in the Book of Romans

Shock & Awe: The honest reactions and humble reflections of a sin-prone saint

I hope you enjoy Devotionary. If you do, please share it with a friend and help us grow the Devotionary community.

In Him,

Ken Miller

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    • Sheri, all you have to do is bookmark the blog and join us each day. I blog on a particular passage each morning as I read through the Old Testament. So there is something new each day. You are welcome to read along and comment as well. Welcome to the Quest!

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