Proverbs 24

Words of Wisdom – Part II.

“A wise man is mightier than a strong man, and a man of knowledge is more powerful than a strong man.” ­– Proverbs 24:5 NLT

In chapter 24 we have the remainder of the 30 wise sayings from the pen of Solomon – and inspired by the Holy Spirit. These simple truths or maxims  seem so logical and obvious that we may read and ignore them. But they are about far more than wealth and worldly wisdom, the wicked and the lazy. They give us a glimpse of the life of the righteous – those who live their lives according to God’s standards. The wisdom Solomon speaks of is not of this world, but it dramatically impacts the quality of life on this world – for us and all those around us.

  1. Don’t be jealous of the ungodly and long to be like them. They may be attractive on the outside, but their hearts are bad.
  2. The wisdom, good sense, and knowledge that come from God are the keys to having a home that is a joy to live in.
  3. Physical strength has its limits, but wisdom doesn’t. Which is why it’s better to be increasing in wisdom. It’s the key to success, even in battle.
  4. Fools can’t handle wise conversation. When they find themselves in the middle of it, they have nothing to say.
  5. Anyone who spends all his time causing trouble will end up with a lousy reputation and no friends.  Their sinful lifestyles will cause them to be despised.
  6. Desperate times have a way of revealing the strength of our resolve. Be ready to help those who are suffering injustice and don’t say, “I didn’t know!” God is watching and He knows the truth.
  7. You know how good honey tastes when you eat it? That’s the way wisdom is. Great tasting, but good for you too. And its benefits last a whole lot longer.
  8. Don’t ever try to take advantage of or harm the righteous. You may succeed, but they will bounce back time after time. While they survive, you’ll ultimately fail.
  9. Don’t get all excited when bad things happen to those you don’t like. God is watching and may just decide to show them mercy instead.
  10. Don’t get all bent out of shape over what appears to be the success of those who don’t know or love God. Their blessings is short-term. Yours are eternal.
  11. Have a healthy fear and respect for those in authority, including God. Don’t throw in your lot with those prone to plot rebellion. God will use those He has placed in authority to punish the rebellious.
  12. It’s very dangerous to judge falsely – to excuse the actions of those who do wrong. Show justice to all without partiality and it will go well with you.

Father, these wise saying are great, but help me to live them out in my daily life. Help me to make them a part of who I am. May I listen to the promptings of Your Holy Spirit throughout each day and respond obediently. Bring these wise words to mind as I encounter various situations and circumstances, and help me to obey them. Amen

Ken Miller
Grow Pastor & Minister to Men