Psalm 18 – Day 2

Old Faithful.
(Based on Psalm 18)

I love you, Lord, because You have proven Yourself strong over and over again.
You’ve been a place of refuge for me,
You’ve protected me, sheltered me, provided a way of escape for me.
You’ve been like a solid rock wall, a Kevlar vest, and a lethal weapon.
Every time I have turned to You, You’ve come through for me.

I could go on and on about the various ways You have rescued me.
When I felt like all was lost, and I had no more hope,
I knew I could call out to You. I could tell You my troubles,
And You would hear me, and then do something about it.
Sometimes Your response was immediate and earth-shattering.
You rocked my world and blew away my expectations,
Doing far more than I anticipated or even deserved.

But then there were other times when You seemed to delay,
Your response was late in coming, and sometimes not exactly what I wanted.
But You always answered. You always came through.
It was as if You reached down from heaven and personally handled my problem.
Sometimes You have had to rescue me.
Other times You’ve simply supported me or provided me with guidance.
On more than one occasion, You’ve had to protect me.
All along the way, I have tried to serve You and remain faithful to You.
But the real reason You reward me with Your love and mercy
Is because You have claimed me as Your own.
You are faithful to the faithful,
You are a God who acts with integrity to those who aspire to live with integrity.
You have a heart for the pure, the humble, the innocent.
In other words, You love those who love You and are being transformed by You.

Over the years, I have seen the truth of this lived out in my own life.
In the midst of all the instability of this world, You remain the solid rock.
You are unchanging in Your nature, consistent in Your character.
It is only because of You that I have the strength to live life,
The wisdom to make right decision,
The endurance to walk the walk of faith,
And to stay on the path without wandering into the weeds.
Any success I have had is because of You.
Any victories I have enjoyed were Your doing, not mine.
My status as a child of God is because You adopted me in spite of me.

So for all of these reasons, I praise You.
You deserve it, I most certainly owe it, and so I gladly give it.
I can leave all my enemies in Your hands.
You will deal with them as You see fit.
The important thing is that You rescue me when I’m in trouble,
Protect me when I am helpless,
Shelter me when I am left out in the cold,
And save me when I can’t save myself.
So I praise You even in the midst of a world that doesn’t know You.
I express my love to You even when I am surrounded by those who hate You.

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