Psalm 19 – Day 2

The Glory of God
(Based on Psalm 19)

I look up at the sky and see the glory of God on display.
The night sky is like a canvas filled with His artwork.
The planets and stars can’t speak, they have no voice,
But You can hear what they are saying loud and clear.

The sun is right where it needs to be,
It bursts with light like a groom on the day of his wedding.
It tirelessly rises and sets, like a man with ceaseless strength.
Day after day, the sun does what God created it to do,
Providing heat and light to anything and everything.

But even greater than all that God has made is what He has said.
His written law, His principles for men to follow
Are perfect, complete, lacking in nothing.
His requirements for living life can be trusted,
And when the naive obey them, they gain wisdom.
His commands are always right,
And bring joy to the heart when they’re kept.
His rules are completely without error or fault,
Providing insight to all those who follow them.
To fear God by keeping His commands is the right things to do,
And we will be doing it for eternity.
Each judgment God has made is reliable,
And absolutely just.
They are to be valued more than wealth, even abundant wealth
They are more satisfying than honey,
Even the freshest honey straight from the honeycomb.
They teach those who keep them,
And they always come with consequences.

Without Your Word I wouldn’t know what was in my own heart.
Use it to cleanse me from the sin concealed from my own view.
Let Your law prevent me from sinning presumptously,
Don’t let my own arrogance control me.
Then and only then will You see me as blameless,
And innocent of rebellion against You.

Let every word that I say and every thought that I have
Meet Your standards, O Lord,
Because You have been and always will be my Rock and Redeemer.

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