Psalm 20 – Day 2

A Prayer of Awareness
(Based on Psalm 20)

It’s my prayer that the next time you’re in trouble
You cry to God so He can answer your call for help.
May the same God that kept Jacob safe keep you from harm.
I want you to discover just how holy and powerful He really is.
You’ll find that He has seen all the sacrifices You have made,
And how you have been faithful in your attempts to worship Him.

It’s my prayer that God give you the desires of your heart,
And help you succeed in all that you do.
Then we’ll all have reason to rejoice with you
And to give God praise for what He has done for you.
We love it when God answers your prayers.

I have every confidence that God is going to save those He has chosen,
He is going to answer because He is holy and righteous.
He is going to rescue because He has the power to do so.
While other people might put their confidence in themselves,
As people of God, we trust in the reputation and character of God.
Self-confidence only results in disappointment and defeat,
But relying on God let’s us stand firm no matter what comes our way.

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