Psalm 21 – Day 2

Faith Is the Victory
(Based on Psalm 21)

Even the one you anoint with the greatest power praises Your strength, O Lord.
He recognizes that all his victories are Your doing, not his, and rejoices.
He has seen You answer his prayers, fulfilling his heart’s desires.
You have blessed Him in so many ways, and given him authority and honor.
There was a time when he asked You to keep him alive,
And You blessed him with a long life and lasting legacy.
He has lived long and well, and his impact will last forever.
What’s amazing is You’re the one who saves, and yet You allow him to receive honor.
You lift him up and allow him to share in Your glory.
But more than anything else, the blessings You give are eternal,
You assure him a place in Your presence forever.
How could he not trust in You?
Your love for him never fails and so his faith has a firm foundation.
Lord, it is You who will ultimately win all the battles,
You will use Your power to deal with all who oppose You.
There is a day coming when all men will be judged by You.
You will deal with them in Your righteous anger,
And give them exactly what they deserve.
The numbers of the wicked will finally stop growing,
As You deal with them once and for all.
They plot, scheme and devise all kinds of plans against You,
But they will never succeed.
In the end, they will run for their lives at the sight of You.
You deserve to be exalted, Lord, because of Your great strength.
So we will sing and shout of all the incredible things You have done.

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