Psalm 22 – Day 2

Perception Versus Reality.
(Based on Psalm 22)

I’ll be honest with you God.
Right now, it feels like you’ve left me,
Like You’re nowhere to be found.
I call out to You, but You don’t seem to hear me.
And if You do hear me, You don’t answer.

But I know that You’re holy,
And that people have been praising you for centuries.
You have a long history of rescuing Your people.
They cried out to You and you saved them.
They put their trust in You and You came through.

But I feel so undeserving.
I feel like I don’t have a friend in the world.
Those who give me any attention at all,
Only mock me and ridicule what little faith I have, saying:
“Where’s Your God now? Why isn’t He saving you?

But I can’t help but remember that You gave me life,
You are the one that to it that I was born and lived.
From infancy, I have belonged to You.
You have always been my God.

So I call out to You and ask You to stay by me.
I am in trouble and there is no one else who can help.
I feel surrounded and overwhelmed.
It is as if everyone is out to destroy me, to rip me apart.
My strength is running low, my body aches,
My very heart is on the verge of giving up.
I feel like I have been out in the sun too long,
Like I am spiritually dehydrated and close to death.
My enemies seem to be everywhere,
They chase me like a pack of dogs, and I can’t get away,
Because my hands and feet feel like their nailed down.
I have emaciated and demoralized,
My enemies taught me and ridicule me,
Divvying up all my possessions between them.

I beg you Father! Don’t leave me!
You alone are my strength, and I need Your help.
Save me! Spare me!
Get me out of the mess I find myself in!

When You do, I will sing Your praises,
Everyone believer I know will hear me give You the glory.
We all need to praise You.
We all need to give You the honor and glory You deserve.
Because You have never ceased to rescue the helpless and hopeless.
You have never abandoned them or failed to answer their cries.

So I will lift up my voice and praise You in church,
I will make sure everyone I know hears what You have done.
I will tell them that You take care of the poor,
That all those who come to You will end up praising You,
Because You will give them ample reason to sing and rejoice.
One day the whole world is going to recognize You for who You are.
They will all eventually have to admit that You alone are God.
You are the all-powerful one.

Even those who aren’t in need will end up worshiping You.
The poor to the wealthy, the youngest to the oldest
Will all bow down to You.
Even those who have yet to be born are going to hear about You.
Because we are going to have plenty of stories to tell
Of Your righteous acts and all that You have done.

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