Psalm 23 – Day 2

Shepherd Wanted.
(Based on Psalm 23)

I’m just a sheep, but I’ve got a Great Shepherd.
Thanks to Him, I have everything I need.
He leads me to pastures with abundant grass,
And streams with clean, cold water
Where I find it easy to relax and renew.
He has a reputation for keeping me on the right track.
But even if he has to lead me down a difficult path,
I don’t panic or stress, because He’s always with me.
He uses the tools of his trade to keep me safe.
It’s like God is treating me to a banquet,
Right in front of my enemies.
He honors me, and they can’t stand it.
He blesses me, and it drives them crazy.
Throughout my life, God pursues me with His goodness,
He showers me with His unfailing love.
He has made me a permanent guest in His home.

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