Psalm 29 – Day 2

Hearing the Voice of God.
(Based on Psalm 29)

The angels in heaven are to give God what He deserve.
They are to recognize and respond to His glory and power,
For His matchless reputation alone.
They are to worship the Lord due to the holiness that cloaks Him like a robe.

God’s powerful voice is like the thunder that carries across the ocean in a storm.
His glory and majesty is palpable,
Like thunder over the a huge ocean expanse.
His voice is strong, powerful and unmistakable,
It is majestic and awe-inspiring.
It is more powerful than lightning that split a tree in two,
Or shatter a full-grown tree into kindling.
His voice can rock the mountains, making them leap about,
Like a calf or a young wild ox.
His voice isn’t just heard, it makes an impact,
Like a bolt of lightning striking the earth.
It reaches even into the wilderness,
Leaving an impression wherever it goes.
It is powerful enough to leave an impression,
Like lightning that twists trees and leaves the forest leafless.
And the reaction in heaven? They shout, “Glory!”

The Lord is in control of the oceans and the seas,
He is the King who reigns over everything for all time.
And this same King gives His people the strength they need,
He will give them His peace, even in the storm,
Because He is in complete control. He is all-powerful.


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