Psalm 30 – Day 2

I Will Exalt Him.
(Based on Psalm 30)

I will lift You up, O Lord, because You have always held me up,
And have never given anyone reason to rejoice in my failure.
I cried out to You, and You heard me.
Even in those times when I felt like I was about to die,
You lifted me up and kept me alive, and kept me going.
You gave me hope.
Rejoice in the Lord, all those who follow after Him,
Give Him thanks every time you think about His holiness.
For His anger doesn’t last, but His favor does.
You may experience sorrow for a short time,
But with God, it is always followed by joy.
Then there are those times when I got cocky and said,
“Look at all I have done! I am pretty significant!”
But then I always remember that it is You alone who makes me who I am.
I only stand strong because of You.
When I stop relying on You, I stumble and fall.
I find myself in deep trouble without You.
So I cry out to You for help and beg for Your favor.
What would it profit if I died?
What good would I be to You dead?
So hear me Lord, and listen to my cry for help.
Do what you have done so many times before.
Turn my sadness into joy, turn my despondency into delight.
With that in mind, I will not keep silent, but praise You.
I will spend my whole life giving You thanks for all You have done.

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