Psalm 32 – Day 2

(Based on Psalm 32)

What an amazing fact to know that every sin I commit is forgiven by God!
That every sin I commit against Him is put out of sight and out of mind.
I can rejoice because God has removed all need for guilt and shame,
When I simply choose to live my life in openness and honesty before Him!
But on those occasions when I refuse to admit my own sin,
I am the one who ends up suffering.
Because I belong to Him, I feel Him convicting me throughout the day,
And I get no peace until I acknowledge what He already knows – I have sinned.

But then I come to my senses and choose to confess the truth,
And stop acting as my sin is too insignificant or non-existent.
I finally reach the point where I decide, “It’s time to come clean with God!”
And then, amazingly, my sin is forgiven, just like that!

So why wouldn’t those who claim to serve God, cry out to God?
Why would they choose to suffer judgment when forgiveness is offered?
God wants to be our protector and provider.
He wants to bless us, not curse us.
He desires to bring us joy, not sorrow.

He says, “I can open your eyes and show you the right way to live,
I’ll provide you with all the advice you need.
But you can’t be head strong and hold on to your sins,
requiring that I have to do things the hard way, like a stubborn horse needs a bridle.”

Those who choose not to follow me can expect trouble in life,
But for those who choose to trust me, they can expect mercy from me.
So do what God say, and rejoice.
Be happy because God forgives sin and gives us pure hearts.

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