Psalm 33 – Day 2

Worthy Of My Praise.
(Based on Psalm 33)

Everyone who claims to be a follower of God should sing His praises,
Because that’s the natural response of those who have been made righteous by Him.
It makes all the sense in the world to praise Him for what He has done.
We should praise Him with all kinds of music,
Making up new songs to celebrate His name and express our joy.
Why? Because every word that comes out of His mouth can be trusted,
And you can count on every single thing He does.
He not only loves justice, He loves making sure justice is done,
And it is always an expression of His unfailing, all-encompassing love.

This is the same God who spoke the universe into existence.
He breathed and the stars suddenly appeared.
He created the land and the oceans.
So even the whole physical world should stand in awe of God,
And every single person who lives on this planet should fear Him.
For no other reason than that He is the creator God,
Who formed all that exists with the mere power of His voice.

This same God is greater than any nation.
It is completely up to Him whether their petty plans ever come about.
But His plans are eternal and unstoppable.
His intentions are inevitable and irreversible.
So any nation that worships God has reason to be happy.
Any people who have been chosen by God are truly blessed.

God has a prime vantage point from which to watch all men.
He carefully observes them, considering their actions,
And because He knows their hearts, He knows and understands what they do.
It all boils down to trust.
But even a king can’t put all his trust in his army.
A great soldier can’t always trust in his own strength.
Even a battle-proven weapon might not come through every time.
But those of us who love and fear God can trust Him.
He watches over every one of us who rely on His unfailing love.
He keeps us from dying prematurely,
Sustaining our lives even in the worst of times.

So we trust our lives to God, waiting for Him.
Because He is the one who helps and protects us.
In the end we will experience true happiness,
Because we have decided to trust in His reputation.
So God, show us Your unfailing love and mercy,
Because we expectantly wait for You to come through.

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