Psalm 34 – Day 2

Experience the Goodness of God.
(Based on Psalm 34)

I am going to praise God constantly,
Because I have plenty of reasons to do so.
My entire life will be a display of God’s glory.
Everyone who finds themselves in trouble will be encouraged.

Let’s tell of God’s greatness together;
And brag about His reputation, fame and reknown.
I looked to God for help and He heard me.
He released me from all the fears that controlled and captivated me.
The faces of those who turn to God will be filled with joy, not shame.
I was in a sorry state when I called to God,
And He heard me and rescued me.
God sends His angels to guard those who fear Him,
Surrounding and protecting them.

The goodness of God is something you have to experience.
When you take refuge in God, you discover true joy.
Those who have been chosen by God should fear Him,
Recognizing that He provides all that they need.
Even a ferocious lion gets hungry at times and in need of food.
But everyone who puts their trust in God never does without.

So listen to what I have to say children,
I will teach you what it really means to fear God.
If you want to live a long and successful life,
Learn to control your tongue and watch what you say.
Resist doing what is wrong and instead do what is right.
Do everything to live a life of peace.

God has his eyes on those who love this way.
He listens to their cries for help.
But as for those who live in opposition to God,
He turns away from them,
And everyone forgets they ever existed.
But His people have His full and undivided attention.
He delivers them from every predicament and problem.
When you find yourself heartsick and hopeless, God will be there.
He encourages the discouraged.

The reality is that even the godly will face tough times.
But God will be there to rescue them each and every time.
Because He protects the righteous,
Even keeping their bones from breaking if necessary.

But as for the wicked, they can expect everything to go wrong,
Those who are God-haters will be punished.
But those who love and serve God will be set free.
Instead of condemnation, they will find refuge.

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