Psalm 35 – Day 2

In This Together.
(Based on Psalm 35)

Lord, I have a lot of enemies,
But only because I serve You.
So I ask You to stand against them,
And fight those who oppose me because they oppose You, too.
I need You to stand beside me in battle,
And use every weapon at Your disposal.
I long to hear you say, “I will save you!”
Disappoint and humiliate those who are trying to do me in,
May the plans of those who want to harm me fail.
Scatter them to the four winds,
Blow them away through Your power.
Send one of Your angels to pursue them,
And may the path they take be dark and slippery.
I don’t deserve what they are doing to me.
I did them no wrong, but they are trying to trap me.
So give them a taste of their own medicine!
Let what they desire for me happen to them.
Let them experience exactly what they have planned for me.

I know that I am going to be able to rejoice in spite of all this,
Because I am sure of Your salvation. You will rescue me.
And when You do, I will praise You, saying,
“Who is like You, O Lord,?
Is there anybody else who can deliver the weak from the strong?
Does anybody else have the ability to protect the helpless and poor?”

So here I am, surrounded by those who testify falsely against me.
I am being accused of things I have not done.
I have done good and am being repaid with evil.
All of it leaves me literally sick.
The irony is, when my enemies were sick, I showed compassion.
I grieved for them, fasted for them, and prayed for them.
I treated them like family, even feeling sadness over their condition.
But now that I am the one in trouble, they are happy!
They even join in against me.
In fact, I have enemies whose names I don’t even know!
They attack me relentlessly.
They’re out to destroy my reputation.
Lord, to be honest, sometimes it feels like you see all this,
But You do nothing about it.
I really need you to rescue me and protect me.
When You do, I will tell everyone of my gratefulness,
I will sing Your praises to everyone I meet.
All I ask is that You keep my enemies from having a party at my expense.
Don’t give those who have no reason to hate me, a chance to smile at my misfortune.
These people are not godly,
Instead of peace, they pursue deception and discord,
They long to destroy me, saying, “We’ve got you this time!”

Lord, I am not telling You anything you don’t already know.
I am just asking You to act,
To do something about my situation.
I am asking You to stand up and defend me,
To act as my defender, because You are my God.
I am looking to You for justice,
So that You might declare me innocent.
When my enemies laugh at my failure, they are laughing at You,
Because I belong to You and You are my God.
So don’t allow our enemies to say, “We’ve succeeded, we’ve brought him down!”

I look forward to the day when You act,
When those who find pleasure in my sorrow are disappointed.
They stand over me in victory now,
But one day the roles will be reversed.
Those who love You and serve You like I do
Will all be able to say, “God is great!
He finds great pleasure in protecting and providing for His children.”
I know that one day I am going to be able to rejoice in Your justice,
And praise You constantly for what You have done.

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