Psalm 36 – Day 2

No Comparison.
(Based on Psalm 36)

The wicked are rotten to the core,
Even their hearts give them evil advice.
There is not an ounce of the fear of God in them.
They are so puffed up by arrogant pride,
That they can’t even see the extent of their wickedness.
Even what comes out their mouths is worthless and untrustworthy.
They are too lazy to do what is wise and good.
Even at night they lie awake dreaming up more wickedness.
His whole life stands for the wrong things, refusing to turn from evil.

But God, You are nothing like that.
Your mercy and faithfulness are as limitless as the heavens.
Your righteousness is as immovable as a mountain.
Your judgments are as unfathomable as the ocean.
Your mercy is of great value,
Every person who has ever been born can find refuge under your wings.
They will find themselves completely satisfied,
Because Your house is well-stocked.
You will quench their thirst with water from the Your river of luxury,
For the very spring of life begins with You.
You are the Light that makes it possible for men to see light.

Draw out Your mercy like water from a river
And share it with those who know You.
Share your righteousness with those whose hearts are right with You.
Don’t let the prideful get to me or the wicked shake my confidence,
Because the day is coming when the wicked will fall, never to rise again.

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