Psalm 39 – Day 2

Life From An Eternal Perspective.
(Based on Psalm 39)

I said to myself, “I’m going to be careful about how I live my life.
When I’m around the ungodly, I’m going to watch what I say, so that I don’t end up sinning.”
But even when I kept my mouth shut, not even saying anything good,
I found myself getting stirred up inside.
The more I thought about it, the angrier I got,
Until I couldn’t take it anymore, and the words spewed out.

“Lord, help me comprehend that my life has an end,
That the number of days that I’m going to live are nothing to You.
At best, my life is like a vapor from Your perspective.
The importance we put on our lives is empty and vain.”
We waste our time getting upset,
Worrying about all the money we have accumulated
Because we don’t even know who will spend it when we’re gone.
So where do I put my hope?
I put all my expectations in You.
I ask You to deliver me from living a life of rebellion against You.
Don’t let my life be a joke to people who live like fools.
There was a time in my life when I kept my mouth shut
Because You were doing a number on me.
I ask that You remove Your hand of discipline,
Because I am totally spent.
Your punishment disciplines mankind for sin,
You destroy their self-centered self-absorption
Like a moth destroys a beautiful garment.
We’re all just a fleeting vapor, here one day, gone the next.
So listen to my prayer, Lord!
Hear my cry for help!
Don’t be at peace about my tears!
I am a temporary inhabitant here,
A stranger living in a strange land where I don’t belong,
Just like my fathers before me.
Take notice of me, smile on me,
Before my life finally comes to an end.

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