Psalm 65 – Day 2

The Bountiful Blessings of God.
(Based on Psalm 65)

My praise waits silently, expectantly on You, O God,
And I will fulfill all my vows to You.
You are the one who hears and answers prayers,
So all men must come to You eventually.
Your words regarding my sins are too much for me,
But You make atonement for all my transgressions against You!
Happy is the man You choose to offer a relationship with You,
Who You allow to stand in Your presence.
The goodness that is found where You are will satisfy each and every one of us,
Even in the house of God.
You prove You are our salvation every day by awe-inspiring acts of justice,
You are the hope of all mankind, whether they are on the land or the sea.
The mountains are an exhibition of Your great power,
You can control and even calm the raging waters of the oceans,
And you can handle the raging multitudes just as easily.
Even men living in the remotest parts of the world are awed by Your signs,
As they rejoice in the beauty of Your sunrises and sunsets.
You care for the earth, providing it with rain,
Enriching it with the rivers You have created.
You provide men with grain and corn, which You have prepared for them.
You even water the fields that men have prepared,
Softening the soil and causing the crops to grow.
You crown the year with abundance,
And leave blessing everywhere You go.
From meadows in the middle of nowhere to remote mountaintops,
Your blessings rain down.
The pastures are clothed with flocks,
The valleys are covered over with corn,
Visually shouting Your praises and reflecting the joy of Your goodness.

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