Psalm 66 – Day 2

Prayer = Praise.
(Based on Psalm 66)

Shout joyfully in praise to God, everybody and everything on earth!
Sing songs about the glory of His reputation,
And when you do it, make your praise of Him glorious and abundant.
Tell Him how awe-inspiring His deeds are,
And that His great power causes His enemies to cringe before Him.
Sing, “Everyone and everything on earth will bow down before You,
And one day they will all sing Your praises.”
Come and consider all that God does,
What He does among men is both awe-inspiring and fear-producing.
He turned an uncrossable sea into dry land so the Israelites could pass through.
The result was a lot of rejoicing!
His power allows Him to rule for all time – uninterrupted,
He constantly keeps watch over the nations of the earth,
So those who rebel against Him have no business getting full of themselves.
As His people, it is our job to bless Him and make His praises known.
He is the one who gives us life and preserves us,
He keeps us from falling.
O God, You have tried us and proved us,
You have refined us like silver is refined.
You were with us when we ended up in the trap,
It was Your idea to use this pressure in our lives.
You allowed others to lord it over us,
We passed through fire and water,
But in the end, You brought us into a better place.
So I will worship You and fulfill all my commitments to You.
Every promise I made to You when I was in trouble, I will keep.
I will offer up to You the sacrifices You require, whatever the cost.
If You fear God and love Him, come and listen to all I have to say about Him,
Come listen to what He has done in my life.
I cried out to Him for help, and ended up praising Him for what He did.
But unconfessed sin in my life would have prevented that from happening.
But God not only heard me, He answered me.
So I bless and praise God who did not reject my prayer
Or withhold His mercy from me.

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