Psalm 67 – Day 2

Making His Ways Known.
(Based on Psalm 67)

God, I ask You to show mercy on us and bless us,
To look down on us and show us Your favor.
That the world might see Your true character as You work through us,
Your salvation revealed to a watching world.
Cause the nations of the world to confess Your greatness, O God,
Give them plenty of reasons to praise You.
Cause the people of the world to rejoice,
Shouting joyfully as they see You work among them.
For You judge righteously, leading and guiding all those who live on the earth.
Give Your people cause to praise You, O God,
Give them plenty of reasons to praise You!
Just as the earth faithfully produces crops for us,
So our God will bless us.
He will bless us,
And everyone living on the earth will learn to honor, fear, and respect Him.

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