Psalm 86 – Day 2

What Do I Want From God?
(Based on Psalm 86)

Turn Your ear to hear my prayer, O Lord;
Please answer me, for I am in sad state and in need of help.
Keep me safe, for I am faithful to You.
O God, save me for I am Your servant and I trust in You.
Show me mercy, O God, for I cry out to you daily.
I am bearing my soul to You, O Lord; restore my joy!
You are good, forgiving, and merciful to all those who call on You.
Hear my prayers, O Lord, and pay attention to my requests for favor.
Whenever I am in trouble, I call on You, because You hear and answer me.
There is no other god like You, and no one does the things You do.
Every people group on the face of the earth that You created will one day worship You,
And will one day honor Your great name, O Lord.
You alone are God and You do great and extraordinary things.
Instruct me in the way You want me to live my life,
And I will continually conduct myself according to Your truth.
I want to reverence Your name with my whole heart.
I will continually praise You with all my heart, O Lord my God;
I will make Your great reputation known every day that I live.
The mercy You have shown me is immeasurable,
You have delivered me from the lowest, darkest place.
The arrogant have stood against me,
And terrifying men who have no place for You in their lives have sought to destroy me;
But You are a gracious God, full of compassion, patient,
And with more than enough mercy and truth to go around.
Turn to me, show me mercy, support me by Your power, and save me.
Show me a sign of Your favor, O Lord,
So that those who hate me might see it and be disheartened.
May they realize that You support and comfort me, O Lord.

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