Psalm 101 – Day 2

I Will…
(Based on Psalm 101)

I will sing about Your mercy and just judgment, O God,
I will praise You in song.
I will be careful to live my whole life in a wise and understanding way,
When will You come to rescue me?
In the meantime, I will live my life with integrity even when I am home alone.
I won’t allow anything dishonest or questionable into my life,
I will despise the things done by those who oppose You,
Their actions will not become a part of my life.
I will not tolerate perversity in my heart,
I will not be known for having a wicked heart.
I will not have anything to do with those who slander others,
I will not put up with the haughty and arrogant.
Instead, I will make believers the focus of my attention.
I will spend my time with those whose lives model integrity,
They will minister beside me and to me.
But I won’t have anything to do with those who can’t be trusted,
Whose words and lives fail to model integrity.
I will make it my mission in life to remove all evil influence from my life,
No one who loves wickedness will not be tolerated in my world.

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