Psalm 109 – Day 2

Bad Times. Good God.
(Based on Psalm 109)

O God, You are one the one I praise,
Now I need to hear from You, for you to break Your silence.
The wicked and deceivers have no trouble speaking up,
They slander me and tell lies about me all the time.
I am surrounded by their hateful words,
And they oppose me for no reason.
I show them love and they respond with accusations,
But I continue to pray for them.
I do them good, and I get evil in return,
I get hatred as payback for my love.
This is what they have to say about me:
“Let’s get a wicked man to accuse him falsely,
Someone who can take him to court under false pretenses.
Then when his case comes up for trial, let’s hope he loses.
May even his prayers be viewed as sin when this is over.
We wish him a short life, so someone else can have his job.
Let his kids be fatherless and his wife a widow!
May his kids end up as homeless beggars, searching for food in the dump.
May his creditors take all he owns, and strangers end up with the rest.
May he have no future and his family name cease to exist.
May God remember his sins forever and punish his family accordingly.
He is a merciless man who refuses to care for the poor and needy,
He took advantage of the down-trodden.
He loved to curse others, so let him be cursed,
Since he refused to bless others, don’t let him experience it.
He clothed himself in a life of cursing and it has seeped into his own life,
Let curses surround him like the fancy clothes he wears.”

But Lord, I ask that You turn these curses back on my adversaries,
I ask You to treat me according to Your reputation. Show me mercy. Rescue me.
I am poor, needy, and suffer from a broken heart.
I am fading quickly and blown back and forth like a helpless insect.
I am weak from fasting and I have no energy left.
Everyone looks at me with either pity or disgust, shaking their heads.
Help me, O God, answer me according to Your mercy!
May they be able to see that it was You who rescued me.
Let them curse, but You bless.
When the rise up against me, let them be disappointed and let me rejoice.
Clothe them with shame and surround them with confusion like a garment.
When You act, I will praise You, O Lord, I will praise You among the people.
You stand by those in need, and deliver them from those who stand against them.

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