Psalm 145 – Day 2

I Can’t Stop Talking About God.
(Based on Psalm 145)

I will hold You in high esteem, my God and my King,
And I will bow in reverence to Your reputation forever!
I will bend my knees in praise to you every day,
I will boast of Your reputation forever and ever.
You are great, O Lord, and extremely praiseworthy.
The true extent of Your greatness is beyond our comprehension.
One generation will praise Your works to the next,
And tell them of Your strength.
I will speak of the incredible splendor of Your majesty,
And of Your extraordinary works.
They will tell of Your fear-inducing, awe-inspiring acts,
And I will recount Your greatness.
They’ll overflow with memories of Your great goodness,
And be overcome by Your righteousness.
You are gracious and compassionate,
Slow to get angry and overflowing with mercy.
You show Your goodness to everyone and extend mercy to Your entire creation.
Everything You’ve made will end up praising You, O Lord,
And those who are faithful to You will bow down before You.
They will talk about the glory of Your reign over them and of Your great power.
They will make known to the next generation Your might acts,
And the glory of living under Your righteous rule.
Yours is a kingdom that will never end, and Your rule outlasts the generations.
You support all who fall and lift up all who are bent down and burdened.
Everyone looks to You and You provide what they need at just the right time.
You open Your hand and satisfy the needs of every living creature.
You are right in everything that You do, and always holy.
You are never far from those who call on You, who call on You in faithfulness.
You will satisfy those who fear You, hearing their cry and rescuing them.
All those who love You, You will keep safe, but those who hate You will be destroyed.
I will declare publicly my thanksgiving to You,
So that all mankind might bless Your holy name forever.

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