2 Samuel 5:1-10; 1 Chronicles 11

Is God With You?

“David became greater and greater, for the LORD of hosts was with him.” ­– 1 Chronicles 11:9 NASB

David had been through a lot over the years. But now he was seeing his circumstances take a decidedly positive turn. Rather than running for his life, he was being crowned king of Israel. Instead of living the life of a renegade and outlaw, he was being recognized as the legitimate ruler of the kingdom. All his past deeds on behalf of the nation were suddenly remembered and the people were glad to put him on the throne. Not only was he God’s choice, he was the people’s choice. They overwhelmingly supported David as their king. All thoughts of Saul had disappeared.

From this point forward, the chronicler is going to begin to focus his attention on the glory years of David’s reign. He is going to recount David’s rise to power and his establishment of Jerusalem as his capitol. The capture of Jerusalem was going to be critical to Israel’s future. It was there that the Temple would eventually be built and the sacrificial system that God required would be practiced. Jerusalem would play a significant role in the history of Israel from this time forward – and continues to do so today. The chronicler also recounts the rise of David’s Mighty Men. This group of valiant warriors had been attracted to David by his courage, military know-how, and his character. They recognized a good leader when they saw one. Most of these guys gave their allegiance to David while he was still running from Saul. These men would rather have risked their lives living on the run with David, than serving a less-than-godly leader like Saul. The bravery of these men is clearly outlined for us and it shows the kind of men that David attracted. His leadership and character were magnets attracting men of strength and integrity.

But the greatest point in these two passages is the reference to God’s presence. David was who he was, not because of his exploits, not because of his capture of Jerusalem, and not because of the kind of men with whom he associated. David was who he was because God was with him. And God was with David because David shared God’s heart. He loved the things God loved. He had a passion for the same things God did. David was a man after God”s own heart. Was he perfect? Obviously not. Would he make mistakes? Yes, he would make many. But he never lost his heart for the things of God. He loved God and all that God loved. So God was with Him, and God prospered Him. God blessed Him. And the same is true for us today. God longs to bless those who share His heart, who love what He loves, and pursue what He desires. David’s interests were the same as God’s. And God recognized that. As long as David put the things of God first, God put David first. He prospered and protected him. Is God with You today? Do you have a heart for the same things He does?

Father, give me a heart that longs for and loves the same things You do. I desire Your constant presence in my life. I want to be a man after Your own heart. Amen

Ken Miller
Grow Pastor & Minister to Men

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