Isaiah 59-61

Perfect Timing.

“At the right time, I, the Lord, will make it happen.” ­– Isaiah 60:22b NLT

Chapter 59 describes the litany of sins committed by the people of God. Murder, lying, corruption, dishonesty, violence, injustice, oppression, to name a few. Isaiah says, “Our sins are piled up before God and testify against us” (Isaiah 59:12 NLT). But the chapter ends with the encouraging words, “The Redeemer will come to Jerusalem to buy back those in Israel who have turned from their sins” (Isaiah 59:20 NLT). Chapter 60 then goes on to describe the future glory of Jerusalem after the Lord does return. The glory of the Lord will shine on Jerusalem again, the Temple will be rebuilt, God will replace His anger with mercy, their days of mourning will come to an end, and the presence of God will shine brighter than the sun and moon combined.

But these events have yet to happen. The people of Isaiah’s day didn’t get to see them fulfilled. And they have yet to be fulfilled even now. But God says, “At the right time, I, the Lord, will make it happen.” That’s a promise from God Himself that He will do what He has promised. He always has and He always will. Chapter 61 opens up with the familiar words, “The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is upon me, for the Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the poor. He has sent me to comfort the brokenhearted and to proclaim that captives will be released and prisoners will be freed. He has sent me to tell those who mourn that the time of the Lord’s favor has come” (Isaiah 61:1-2 NLT). These are the words read by Jesus Himself when He stood in the synagogue in Nazareth. After reading them, He handed back the scroll, sat down and said, “The Scripture you’ve just heard has been fulfilled this very day” (Luke 4:21 NLT). God had made it happen. He had done what He said He would do. Jesus had come, bringing comfort to the brokenhearted, proclaiming release to those captivated by sin, and telling those who mourned that the time of the Lord’s favor had come. He had brought it. Galatians 4:4 tells us, “But when the right time came, God sent his Son.” His timing was perfect.

But God is going to send His Son again. The disciples were told that Jesus would one day return just the way He left. “Jesus has been taken from you into heaven, but someday he will return from heaven in the same way you saw him go!” (Acts 1:11 NLT). He would come again in the clouds. “Then everyone will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds with great power and glory” (Mark 13:26 NLT). He is coming again, but we don’t know when that day will come. Jesus told the disciples, “However, no one knows the day or hour when these things will happen, not even the angels in heaven or the Son himself. Only the Father knows” (Mark 13:32 NLT). Jesus didn’t even know the day or time. But He went on to warn the disciples, “since you don’t know when that time will come, be on guard! Stay alert! (Mark 13:33 NLT). Be ready. Be expectant. It is going to happen. At the right time, God will make it happen. He will finish what He began. He will complete what He started. He will make right every wrong. He will restore righteousness to the world. He will fulfill every promise He has ever made. We can count on it because God has said it. He will make it happen.

Father, Your word is faithful and true. You do what You say You will do. We can count on it. So thank You that one day You are going to make it all happen. You are going to bring an end to sin and sorrow. You are going to right every wrong and extend Your righteousness around the earth. You will redeem and restore Your people. You will establish Your kingdom forever. Your Son will reign and rule from Jerusalem. The enemy will be defeated once and for all. You will make it happen – in Your perfect timing. Give me patience to wait and an attitude of anticipation and alertness to remain ready. Amen

Ken Miller
Grow Pastor & Minister to Men

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