Psalm 61 – Day 2

I Cry To You.
(Based on Psalm 61)

O God, I ask you to not only hear my cry, but to respond.
Please pay attention to what I am praying.
When I find myself in extreme circumstances, I will call out to You,
When my heart is overcome by the darkness, and I begin to despair,
Lead me back to the safety of Your greatness,
Where I will find refuge and protection,
Above all my circumstances, exalted above my situations.
For You have always proven to be a shelter for me,
A tower of strength and safety from the enemy.
I will seek refuge in Your presence forever,
I will hide under the protection of Your wings.
You have heard what I have promised,
And You have promised to give me an inheritance
Along with all those who love You and fear You.
Let the king live a long time and impact many generations.
He will live in obediently in Your presence,
All I ask is that You watch over Him with Your mercy and truth.
As a result, I will sing praises forever regarding Your reputation,
And I will do what I have promised every day I am alive.

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  1. Your Message and Prayers….Have Inspired And Blessed Me So Much ….Thank You and God Bless Cathy K.

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