Psalms 63-64 – Day 2

The Thirst Quencher.
(Based on Psalm 63)

O God, You are my God; my personal God;
I will seek You from the moment I wake up and all day long.
I have unquenchable thirst for You spiritually,
And living in this world that’s like a waterless desert and can leave a man faint,
Even my body longs for the physical refreshment You alone can bring.
I am fully aware of Your holiness, Your set-apartness,
Because I have observed Your power and glory first-hand.
I have discovered that Your mercy and goodness makes living worthwhile,
Which is why praise for You comes so easily from my lips.
So I will bend my knee in submission to You as long as I live,
And I will lift up my hands to You in prayer because of Your reputation.
You spiritually satisfy me like a fine meal does the body,
And joyful praise is my response.
When I lie in bed at night, my thoughts go to You,
I fill my sleepless nights by thinking about You.
Because You have been my help in times past,
I know I will find myself safely rejoicing in Your protection again.
I hold on to You for dear life,
And You keep me safe in Your powerful grip.
But as far as those who wish to harm me,
You will take care of them, giving them exactly what they deserve.
They will suffer death and defeat, their bodies consumed by wild animals.
But as the king of Your people, I will rejoice in You.
Everyone who is true to their word and follows You will have reason to glory,
But all those who speak falsely will one day be stopped.

Put the Fear of God In Them.
(Based on Psalm 64)

O God, please listen to what I am saying.
I know it sounds like complaining,
But I need You to keep me from fearing my enemies.
Hide me so that their plots against me fail,
Don’t let this unruly mob of hooligans get to me.
They use their tongues like a well-sharpened sword,
Like a bow in an arrow, their bitter words pierce deeply.
They aim them at those who seek to live with integrity,
Attacking suddenly and with impunity.
They seem to find strength in doing what is wrong,
They brag about the traps they secretly set,
Saying, “Who will ever see them?”
They’re always seeking new ways to do what is wrong,
And their search is usually successful.
The depth of their thoughts and the hearts behind them are a mystery.
But what they don’t know is that God has them in His sights,
They will find themselves wounded, pierced through by God, as if by an arrow.
Their own words will be turned against them,
Others will shudder when they see what happens to them.
All men will end up fearing God when they see what He has done,
They will have to think long and hard about His actions.
Those who are righteous in God’s eyes will rejoice in Him,
They’ll learn to put their hope and trust in Him.
Those whose hearts are right with God will have reason to boast in Him.

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