Psalm 103 – Day 2

Plenty Of Reasons To Praise Him.
(Based on Psalm 103)

I will bless the Lord from the depths of my very being,
I will praise Him for His matchless reputation.
I will bless Him and not forget all He has done for me.
He forgives all my sins and heals me when I am sick,
He pays my way out of the pit, and crowns me with love and compassion,
He provides me with good things to eat and renews my strength so that I soar like an eagle,
The Lord always does what is righteous and provides justice for the oppressed,
Moses got to experience the character of God, so did the people of Israel,
They discovered that the Lord is compassionate, gracious, patient and never runs out of mercy.
He will not always accuse of our sins or remain angry with us forever,
He hasn’t done to us what we deserved or rewarded us in keeping with our sins,
Instead, He has shown unbounding, unlimited mercy to those of us who fear Him.
He has removed the guilt of our transgressions from us as far as the east is from the west.
He shows compassion on those who hear Him like a father shows compassion on his children.
He knows everything about us and understands that we are little more than dust.
To God, our lifetimes are like grass, we flourish for a time like a flower in a field,
Then the wind blows it away, and no one can even remember where it was in the first place.
But the Lord constantly and consistently shows mercy to those who fear Him,
And the generations that follow them get to experience His righteousness –
As long as they keep His covenants and obey His commands.
The Lord reigns on His throne from heaven and rules over everything and everyone,
Even angels, in all their supernatural strength, praise the Lord, obeying His commands
And doing everything that He says.
Praise Him, all who are His warriors, carrying out His desires.
Let everything and everyone He has made in every sphere of His kingdom praise Him!

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