Psalm 108 – Day 2

Ready For Anything.
(Based on Psalm 108)

O God, my heart is stable and secure in You,
I will sing Your praises with everything in me.
Wake up, lute and harp. Help me welcome the dawn with music.
I will praise You among my own people and in front of the nations.
All because Your mercy is as high as the heavens,
And Your faithfulness extends to the clouds.
Magnify Yourself above the heavens,
And let Your glory be seen above the earth.
Answer my prayer by delivering those You love with mercy and faithfulness,
Save them with Your powerful right hand.
You have made Your promises based on Your holiness,
“I will rejoice in triumph, dividing up Shechem,
And measuring out the valley of Succoth.
Gilead and Manasseh are mine, Ephraim is my helmet, Judah my scepter,
Moab is my washbasin, Edom is where I will throw my dirty sandal.
I will stand in triumph over Philistia.”
So who will make it possible for me to enter the fortified city?
Who will lead me in victory into Edom?
Aren’t You the one who has rejected us, O God?
Are You not going to go into battle with our army?
Grant us assistance from our enemies,
For the deliverance of men is worthless.
Only You, O God, allow our army to appear powerful,
Because it is You who really brings about their defeat, not us.

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