Psalm 110 – Day 2

The Messiah.
(Based on Psalm 110)

Jehovah God said to my Lord, the Messiah,
“Sit at the place of honor at my right side, until I make all Your enemies your footstool.”
Jehovah God will stretch out the rod representing Your strength from Zion.
He will command You to rule over all of your enemies.
When that happens, all Your people will gladly follow You.
With the dawn of the day, You will arise in Your holiness and with youthful vigor.
Jehovah God has made a vow and will not change His mind,
You will be a permanent priest after the order of Melchizedek.
When You get ready to deal out Your wrath on the nations,
You will use Him who sits at Your right hand,
He will execute Your judgment among the nations,
He will punish them for their sins, leaving corpses in His wake.
He will shatter the heads of the nations.
He will refresh Himself at the brook along the way,
And complete His task with head held high!

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