Psalm 58 – Day 2

Our Just God.
(Based on Psalm 58)

How can you people really talk about justice,
When it seems to be the last thing we hear in your judgments?
Do you judge fairly and rightly?
Far from it! Your decisions are driven by wicked hearts.
You dispense violence rather than justice on the earth.
These people departed from truth and righteousness the minute they’re born.
They wander from God’s path at birth, speaking lies instead of truth.
The poison they spread is as deadly as that of a snake,
Incapable of listening to reason, they strike out with deadly accuracy.
They are like a cobra that the snake charmer can’t control.
His wisdom and skills are wasted on them.

De-fang them, O God! Remove the power of their words.
Break off their teeth so they can no use their mouths to destroy others.
Let them disappear like raging waters that eventually run out.
Let them wither like grass that is here today and gone tomorrow.
May they go the way of the snail, that dries up when the heat comes.
Like a premature baby, may their lives be short-lived.
In the time it takes to light kindling under a cooking pot,
God will sweep them all away in His burning anger.

Those who are righteous and love justice will rejoice,
When they see God enact vengeance on the unjust.
They will have to wade through the blood of the wicked when God is done.
The only conclusion anyone will be able to reach is,
“The life of righteousness bears fruit in the end,
Because God will eventually judge between the righteous and the wicked.”

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