Psalm 41 – Day 2

Have Mercy!
(Based on Psalm 41)

Happy is the man who carefully considers the weak and powerless.
God delivers them in the midst of their bad times.
He continually watches over them and sustains their lives.
He leads them in the right way to go as they walk this earth,
And refuses to deliver them over to their enemies.
He comforts them when they are sick in bed,
And returns them to health.

That’s why I prayed, “Have mercy on me.
Heal my soul, cleanse me from sin.”
I am surrounded by those who say malicious things about me.
They ask, “When will God destroy him and destroy his reputation?”
If they come to see me, anything they say to me is worthless,
Their hearts are full of worthless thoughts about me,
And when they leave my presence, they share them with others.
They secretly judge me and assume the worst about me.
“His situation is due to wickedness,” they say.
“He’ll never recover from this one.”
Even the man I considered my friend, the one I trusted,
And shared life with, has turned on me.

So Lord, I ask You to show me mercy,
Lift me up, restore me, and that will put an end to them.
This will let me know that You take delight in me,
Because You won’t allow them to shout in victory over me.
You keep me whole and complete, allowing me to stand in Your presence,
I bless and adore You Lord, the God of Israel, forever and ever. Amen and Amen.