Psalms 53-54 – Day 2

The Heart of a Fool.
(Based on Psalm 53)

It takes a real fool to try and convince themselves,
“There is no God!”
Which is why they end up all twisted, doing nothing but evil,
And never doing anything that is good in God’s eyes.

It’s like God is looking down on men from His place in heaven,
In an attempt to see if anybody gets it, if anybody has a desire to seek Him.
But they’ve all left Him long ago.
Every one of them is corrupt morally and spiritually.
Not a single, solitary one of them does what God considers good.

Are these individuals who consume God’s people like bread completely unaware?
Is it that they don’t know Me that they refuse to call on Me?
They don’t fear God now, but one day they will.
God will one day destroy them all, leaving them completely disappointed,
Because He will reject them in the end.

But I long for salvation to come from the Lord.
I look forward to the day when He restores His people.
When He does, everyone, including me, will shout with joy.

The Hope of a Believer.
(Based on Psalm 54)

Save me God, in keeping with Your righteous reputation.
Use Your incredible power to vindicate me.
Hear me when I pray to You,
Listen to what I have to say.
People I don’t even know have taken a stand against me,
Terrible people are out for my life.
These are people who have no place for God in their lives.

But You are my helper,
And You show up through those who support me.
You’ll pay back my enemies, giving them what they deserve.
Which is why I worship You freely and gladly,
I praise You because Your good reputation has been proven in my life.
You have always provided a way out of all my troubles,
And allowed me to view my enemies from Your perspective.