Psalm 59 – Day 2

Then The Whole World Will Know.
(Based on Psalm 59)

Snatch me out of trouble, O God.
Pull me right out of the middle of those who would destroy me.
Set me in a safe, hard-to-get-t0 place where they can’t reach me.
Snatch me away from those who do evil and shed blood.
They hide out, waiting to do me in.
They are strong and have it in for me,
Yet I have done nothing wrong to deserve this treatment.
They are in a hurry and determined to get me, in spite of my innocence.
So I turn to You, the God of all the armies of heaven,
I turn to You, the God of the armies of Israel,
Go into action, deal with the wicked and show no mercy.
They’re like wild dogs, returning at night,
Snarling, growling, and prowling the streets in packs.
They can’t keep down what they’ve eaten,
They spew forth all kinds of vile things,
Their words cut like a sharp sword.
They mock You, acting as if You can’t hear what they’re saying.
But You will have the last laugh, O God,
You will be the one doing the mocking in the end.
I will wait on You, because You have the power to do something about my situation.
You have the strength to defend me when others can’t or won’t.
Because of Your mercy, You will confront them,
You will allow me to stand over them in triumph.
I don’t ask You to eliminate them completely,
Because then we would just forget we ever had a problem.
No, I ask You to knock them down a notch or two.
Deal with them because of the sin they commit with their words,
And because of the pride that is exposed by what comes out of their mouths.
They curse and lie constantly, so wipe them out completely!
Exterminate them completely in Your righteous anger.
Prove to them that You are on the throne and in complete control.
They’re like wild dogs, returning at night,
Snarling, growling, and prowling the streets in packs,
But let them go to bed hungry and disappointed.
Let them wander in search of food, but all in vain.
But I am going to wake up singing Your praises!
I will sing about Your mercy in the morning,
For You have been like a fortress and a place of refuge,
Every time I have faced any kind of adversity.
You are my strength, so I sing Your praises
And thank You for Your unfailing love and constant protection.