Psalm 56 – Day 2

Learning To Trust God By Failing To Trust God.
(Based on Psalm 56)

Graciously extend Your favor to me, O God,
For it seems like everybody is so busy trying to destroy me, they’re breathless.
Every day it’s like they’re fighting to squeeze the life out of me.
Their attempts to crush me are a daily occurrence,
And their numbers seem to be increasing.
But when those times come that cause me to fear,
I will put my trust and confidence in You.
I will end up offering praise to You because of all Your promises to me.
In the past I have learned to put my trust and confidence in You,
So why in the world would I fear anything that men might do to me in the future?

At those times, they try to influence what I say by what they do,
Planning nothing but evil to do to me.
They hide their intent to harm me,
watching my every move, waiting for a chance to destroy my soul.
Are they going to get away with all the trouble they cause me?
Let them experience the anger on Your face, O God,
Cut them down to size!

You have an accurate head count of every time I aimlessly wandered,
And You’ve recorded them on Your ledger.
You’ve also collected the tears I cried at those moments in a bottle.

And I know that the next time I have to cry out to You,
You’ll turn my enemies back, because You’re my God!
I will end up praising You because You are God and You do what You say You’ll do,
You are Jehovah and You always do what You say You’ll do,
I have put my confidence and trust in You before God,
So there’s no reason I should fear what man might do to me now.

You’ve always kept Your promises, God,
So I will repay You with praises!
On more than one occasion You have snatched my life from the brink of death,
Keeping me from falling and allowing me to live life on this side of the grave!