Psalm 55 – Day 2

A Friend Indeed.
(Based on Psalm 55)

Hear me when I pray, O God.
Don’t disappear when I cry to You for help!
Listen closely and answer quickly.
I wander around in a state of anxiety, disturbed and distracted,
All because of what my enemies say about me,
And the pressure put on me by the ungodly.
They rock my world with misfortune,
And attack me out of anger.
My heart aches within me and I fear for my life.
I’m so scared I shake,
In fact, my whole body shudders.
So I end up screaming, “If only I had wings like a dove,
Then I could fly away and find a place to rest.”
I would hurry up and get away from all the storms of life.
Confuse their words and make what they say impossible to understand,
For I see that it all produces violence and contention.
They act like guard patrolling the walls of a city,
While nothing but trouble takes place inside.
The whole place is filled with evil desire,
Oppression and deceit are found on every street.
But in my case, it wasn’t an enemy who ended up scorning me.
I could have handled that.
It wasn’t someone who hated me and tried to oppress me.
If that was the case, I could have just hidden from him.
But no, it was you, a close friend and acquaintance,
Someone just like me.
We shared a close, intimate relationship,
And even enjoyed a mutual love for God.
As for the others, may their lives end in death,
May their actions end them up in hell,
Because their entire lives are filled with evil.

But as for me, I will call on God,
And He will save me.
I will pray from morning to evening,
And He will hear my voice.
It doesn’t matter how many are against me,
Because God will deliver my life from the battle.
The very God who has reigned for eternity will hear me and put them to shame.
Their lives never change because they have no fear of God.
Even my former friend breaks his promises and turns on me.
He said all the right things, but all the while he was out to harm me.
His words were slick, covering up his real intention – my destruction.

But you can roll all your burdens onto the Lord,
And He will sustain you.
He will never let down those who are godly.
But God will bring about the destruction of the ungodly.
Their lives will come to a quick end,
They will end up with half the normal life expectancy.
But I will trust in You, God.