Psalms 122 & 124 – Day 2

A Love For God’s House.
(Based on Psalm 122)

I was ecstatic when I heard the news that it was time to head to God’s house.
We were going to get to stand within the very gates of Jerusalem.
Jerusalem was established as a city to unify the people of God by bringing them together,
It is where all the tribes of Israel gather to keep their promise to worship God,
To show gratitude for His reputation as their God.
There in Jerusalem, are thrones of judgment, including the throne of the house of David.
We need to pray for the peace, welfare and prosperity of Jerusalem,
Because as long as Jerusalem prospers, so will all those who love this city.
We pray for peace to exist throughout the city, inside its walls and its palaces,
For the sake of fellow Israelites, I say, “May there be peace in Jerusalem!”
Because the house of God is there, I will seek the good of Jerusalem.

God Is On Our Side.
(Based on Psalm 124)

Let us remind ourselves, “What if God had not been on our side?”
May all of Israel say, “What if God had not been on our side when our enemies rose up against us?”
We would have easily defeated by them when they turned their anger against us.
We would have been overwhelmed, our souls would have been drowned.
The raging waters would have flooded over our soul.
But let us kneel before God, who didn’t let any of that happen,
He helped us escape, like a bird from a trap set by a fowler,
God broke the snare and we escaped.
We find help in the reputation of the Lord, the one who made heaven and earth.

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