Psalms 131 & 133 – Day 2

It’s Not All About Me.
(Based on Psalm 131)

Lord, I don’t have an arrogant heart,
I don’t look down on others as if I’m better than they are.
I don’t walk around with an attitude of self-importance,
Or as if I am somehow God’s gift to the world.
I am calm and quiet, weaned off my incessant need for significance,
Like a baby gets weaned off its mothers milk.
So Israel, put your hope in the Lord and not me, from this point forward!

It’s All About Us.
(Based on Psalm 133)

How wonderful and delightful it is to live our lives alongside one another!
This sense of togetherness is pervasive, like the oil used to anoint Aaron,
It ran from his head to his beard and all the way to the bottom of his robe.
It is like the dew that falls on Mount Hermon, that covers the mountains of Zion,
For it was there that God promised His blessing to us as His people,
Life in the community of God that will never end.

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