Proverbs 14c

The Key To A Great Nation.

“Godliness makes a nation great, but sin is a disgrace to any people.” – Proverbs 14:34 NLT

We just recently finished yet another contentious, fractious national election where the two major parties and their candidates slugged it out over a wide range of issues, from the economy and national defense to welfare and taxes. And both sides believed they had the right solutions to the nation’s many woes. Those of us who voted did so according to our own set of standards, choosing the candidate that best represented our position and who would help steer the country in the direction we felt it needed to go. When the votes were cast and all the media pundits had finished their analyzation of the results, we were left either elated or depressed. But Solomon provides us all with a timely reminder this morning. It isn’t a particular candidate, party, or platform that will make our nation great. It is godliness. Politics will never be our savior. There is no candidate who will ever be able to make our nation great, because he or she will lack the ability to change the human heart. They can set agendas, enact policies, and attempt to direct our nation on to a particular path, but without a change of heart, their efforts will prove futile in the end. It is godliness that will make a nation great. A powerful military and a thriving economy are no match for a nation that destroys itself from within because of moral decay and uncontrolled unrighteousness. And the proof can be seen all throughout history. Rome was great, but fell. It’s mighty army and vast empire were insufficient to deal with its own moral inadequacies. Nazi Germany was powerful, but ultimately collapsed under the staggering weight of its own decadence and godlessness. Nation after nation have experienced an ignominious end due to their rejection of God and a growing love affair with sin.

There is no doubt that a godly leader would be the better choice for a nation, but without a godly people to lead, his efforts would prove futile in the end. See the people of Israel for ample proof of this truth. No, what this nation needs are godly people who desire the will of God more than they do the temptations of sin. They turn to God for salvation and security more than they do to the government, the economy or the military. Their hope and trust is in God. They view sin as something to be avoided, not applauded and entertained by. They practice personal and corporate confession, calling on God to forgive their sins and cleanse their unrighteousness. The godly are not religious people, they are God-dependent people. He is their ultimate authority and determiner of all things. The presence of the godly in a nation can have a tremendous impact. They can act as a preserving agent. They can influence and impact. Even a small remnant can make a big difference in the direction of a nation. God sees them and preserves them. God has spared nations due to the presence of a godly few. But those few must recognize that the hope of their nation lies in the hands of God, not men. They must call out to and depend upon God for renewal and revival, not a party or a particular candidate. They must understand that God is our hope, help, and ultimate healer. He alone can save a nation from destruction. He alone can bring about individual and corporate restoration. Godliness is simply a recognition of these facts. It is a life lived in complete dependence upon and trust in God. That is what will make any nation great. While a nation that rebels against God will soon end in disgrace.

Father, we often talk of America as being a Christian nation, but we are far from godly. Even many of us who profess to be Christians live godless lives. We don’t lean on You, trust You, or obey You. We have put our hope in men and our trust in money. Sin has become acceptable and far too enjoyable for too many of us. Raise up a godly remnant who will dare to live for You. May we desire godliness more than anything else.  Amen.

Ken Miller

Grow Pastor & Minister to Men