Psalm 6 – Day 2

God Is On My Side
(Based on Psalm 6)

Lord, You are holy,
And have every right to be angry when I sin.
I know there are times when I deserve Your discipline,
When You are perfectly just in correcting me.
But I ask that you do it in compassion and not anger.
Discipline me, but do it in love.

I come to you in weakness, not worthiness,
Every ounce of my being needs your healing.
Even my heart is suffering and in pain.
I know You’re going to do something, but when?

Return Lord, because it feels like You’ve left me.
I know You love me, so I ask that You rescue me – soon.
While death might seem like a relief,
I prefer to praise you on this side of the grave.

My circumstances have me worn out from sorrow,
I spend most nights crying instead of sleeping.
My eyes are constantly blurred with tears
Thanks to the events of life and the unsympathetic enemies in my life.

But here’s what I know: You are completely aware of my situation.
You have heard my crying, seen my tears;
And You are going to answer my call for help.
So all those who wish to do me harm better watch out.
God is just and He is going to give you what you deserve.
I may look defenseless, but I have God on my side!