Psalms 15-16 – Day 2

The Bad News
(Based on Psalm 15)

Who can be a welcome guest in Your house, God?
Or become a permanent resident in the place where You live?
Only the person whose life is completely, wholly Yours,
Nothing hidden, no secrets, no areas they try to keep from You.
It’s the person who always does the right thing,
And never says the wrong thing.
They don’t use their words to destroy reputations,
Bring discomfort, or attempt to get even.
They hate sin so much that they can’t stand to be around sinners.
But they love being around those who love God.
They do what they are going to do – even when it costs them –
And share what they have with those in need,
Without expecting to profit from the exchange.
And they would never think of selling someone out
Just to pad their own wallet.
It’s this kind of person who gets to stand before God.

The Good News
(Based on Psalm 16)

I come to You for protection, God,
Fully expecting You to keep me from harm.
I call You, Adonia, my Sovereign Lord and Master.
It is You who makes possible any goodness in me.
Which is why those who are God’s chosen make good friends,
And are truly worth associating with.
But as for those who choose to reject God,
They’re only hurting themselves in the long run,
And I choose to have nothing to do with them.
I refuse to sacrifice my time, energy and talents to their sorry God replacements.

God, You are all I have and all I need.
I am blessed right now because of You,
And my future is completely secure thanks to You.
You have made me Your child and all that is Yours is mine!

You guide and direct me, even in my sleep,
So why wouldn’t I praise You?
You are always with me, right beside me,
Which gives me confidence to face any circumstance.

I am happy and secure, which results in joy.
I am at peace, physically, mentally and spiritually.
I know that when I die, I will not be separated from You.
I know that death is not the end, but just the beginning,
And even then You will be guiding my way,
Leading me right into Your very presence
Where I will get the pleasure of spending eternity with You.