Psalms 11-12 – Day 2

God Is Still In Control
(Based on Psalm 11)

When things get tough, everyone’s advice seems to be to run and hide,
But I have learned to trust God for protection.
Those who oppose me are like soldiers preparing their weapons,
Getting ready to take pot shots at me in order to destroy me.
They especially seem to love attacking those who love God.
If we can’t turn to God, our firm foundation,
In the midst of all this, what else are the righteous going to do?

But God is still there. He is still in His Holy Temple.
He still sits on His throne in heaven,
And nothing escapes His notice.
His eyes are wide open, examining the heart of every man,
Both the ungodly and the godly.
But He hates the actions of those who oppose Him and oppress others.
He will eventually bring down judgment on them
That is indescribably painful but totally justifiable.
I can rest in the fact that God is righteous and loves justice.
Those who stand as justified and innocent in His eyes
Don’t need to fear seeing His face.

God Sees. God Knows. God Will Act.
(Based on Psalm 12)

Lord, we need Your help, because it seems like the godly are a vanishing breed,
Those who trust in You are few and far between.
Everyone lies to one another,
False flattery and deceptive words are all you hear anymore.
I wish You would just silence them all!
But they just boast and brag, taking great pride in their eloquence.
“We’ll say whatever we want to say,” they claim,
“And nobody can do anything about it!”

But God has something else to say about the matter.
He has seen how their lies and deception have hurt others,
And He isn’t going to put up with it anymore.
God is going to rise up and provide deliverance
For those who are anxiously waiting for a Savior.

And we can take God at His word,
Because what He says, unlike what comes out of the mouths of men,
Is totally trustworthy, pure, and uncontaminated by lies.
So, Lord, we know You’re going to come through.
You’re going to protect the innocent,
And preserve the helpless.
Even though these people who love lies more than You
Seem to be as popular as they are populous.