Psalm 17 – Day 2

A Prayer of Ken
(Based on Psalm 17)

O Lord, I am appealing my case to You, please listen.
I beg You to pay close attention to my shout for help.
Hear my prayer and answer,
Because I am telling You the truth!
All I ask is that the decision regarding my case come from You,
Because I trust that You are able to see what is really going on.

You have repeatedly proved the purity of my heart;
You’ve observed me during times of adversity and darkness.
When I was put through the fire of difficulty and refined by You,
It resulted in a lack of impurity and sin.
And I don’t plan on saying anything I will regret now.
When it comes to what men do,
It is only by obeying the words from Your lips
That I have avoided living a life of violence and destruction.
There is no doubt that You have kept me on the right track,
Preventing me from losing my footing or my way.

God, I have full confidence that because I have called,
An answer is coming from You.
Please bend Your ear and listen to what I have to say.
Make Your love and mercy stand out.
Use Your power to save those who trust in You
And come to You for protection when they are oppressed.
Watch over me like I was Your prized possession,
Put me under Your wing like a bird does its chick,
Because I am surrounded by those who are out to destroy my soul.
These people are imprisoned by their own prosperity,
They boast arrogantly.
They seem to be everywhere I go,
And they keep their eyes peeled like a half-starved lion looking for prey –
A young lion hiding in the shadows waiting to pounce.

Stand up and show Your power, Lord!
Disrupt this young lion’s plans, bring him to his knees.
Use Your sword to provide me with a way of escape.
Save me from men who love this world more than You,
Who seek all they need from this life instead of from You,
Who fail to recognize that their prosperity comes from You,
And the affluence their kids enjoy, You provide.
But as for me, I know that my satisfaction comes from knowing You,
And even if all this ends in death, I will see You because You consider me righteous.