Psalm 3 – Day 2

Lord, sometimes I just don’t understand you;

I have a hard time seeing what you are doing.

My circumstances scream out, “He is not there!”

They tease me, “Your God does not care!”


But Your Word paints a different picture.

It reveals that You are in control and in love with me.

You watch over me, protect and provide for me.

You know my circumstances better than I do.

And You have a plan to perfect me through them.


I can choose to worry,

or I can choose to rest.

I can spend all my time staring at what is going on around me,

or I can fix my eyes on You.


Help me to see You in the midst of my circumstances,

but also in spite of them.

Teach me to trust You,

even when I don’t fully understand You.

Don’t let me judge Your goodness

by what I consider to be a bad situation.


Reveal Your strength through my weakness;

Your knowledge through my ignorance.

Open my eyes so that I can see You,

even if my circumstances never change.


Ken Miller
Grow Pastor & Minister to Men

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