Psalm 4 – Day 2

These are difficult days, Lord,
A good friend has died and it all seems so unfair.
It feels as if Satan is laughing,
And our side has lost another valuable player!

It’s hard to understand how this could be part of Your plan.
It seems unjust and unfair.
It makes no sense. It seems unproductive.
There has to be a better way than this!

But I know You know what You are doing.
I trust You because You are trustworthy.
You have never given me reason to doubt You,
So why should I start now?

I suffer from a limited perspective.
I can only see so far and then everything becomes blurry.
But You know all things and see all things,
The future is as clear to You as the past.

Nothing surprises You or catches You off guard.
At no time are You in heaven wringing Your hands in worry.
You are in complete control,
Which should bring me complete peace.

Give me eyes to see life from Your perspective.
Replace my limited perspective with an eternal one.
Let me see You when everyone else around me sees nothing.
But when I can’t see You, help me trust You anyway.

I know You are God. I know You love me.
I know You are all-powerful and in complete control.
But help me believe those things
When everything around me shouts otherwise.

I put my hope and trust in You.
I give You my confusion and my questions.
Show me mercy. Shower me with grace.
Shine in the darkness and light my way, O Lord!



One thought on “Psalm 4 – Day 2

  1. Thank you. I’ve lost more than this one in the last few weeks. Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints. Psa 116:15

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