Psalm 5 – Day 2

A Healthy View of God
I feel like I pray, but no one ‘s there.
Even my groans go unnoticed.
You are my King, the ruler of my life,
And my God, the one who gave me life,
So ultimately, I’m calling out to You,
Expecting You to do something, because no one else can.

I know this about You, Lord: You aren’t attracted to evil in the least,
You can’t even stand having it around,
Including people who think more highly of themselves than they do of You.
You hate the behavior produced from a life lived in opposition to You.

Eventually, because You are God,
You will be forced to punish all who love falsehood more than truth,
Who take away life with their hands, or destroy reputations with their words.
You are holy and can’t help but hate what is unholy.

But You are also loving – unceasingly so,
And it’s because of Your love that I can even enter into Your presence.
So when I do, I come before You with an attitude of worship and awe.
I ask You to lead me and guide me and to protect me from my enemies.

There is no shortage of people out there who lie
And who desire to hurt others, including me.
They act as if they love me, flattering me with their words,
But they don’t mean what they say.
But I will let You be their judge and not me.
You judge righteously, so give them whatever they deserve.
At the end of the day, their sin is against You, not me.
I’ll leave them in Your hands.

But for all of us who love You and turn to You for help,
May we find refuge and, as a result, rejoice accordingly.
Help us understand more than ever just who You are – Your nature,
And discover the joy of trusting in You.
It’s our relationship with You that makes us godly, not us,
So bless us and  surround us with Your protection like a shield.

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