Psalm 9 – Day 2

In God We Trust
(Based on Psalm 9)

From the depths of my heart I’m going to praise You,
And then I’m going to tell everyone all the great things You have done.
Because of You I have an over-abundance of joy,
And it comes out as songs of praise for Your remarkable reputation.

You caused my enemies to turn and run;
They went weak in the knees and dropped like dead men at the sight of You.
When it came time to pass judgment, You ruled in my favor.
As a righteous judge, You ruled fairly and justly.
The case against the nations has already been decided,
And their names have been stricken from the books.
Those who oppose You are done, without any hope,
And even their cities are long forgotten as far as You are concerned.

But while your enemies fade away, You reign forever,
And from Your throne You sit prepared to judge the world,
Justly, fairly and always rightly.
You rule on behalf of the oppressed,
Providing protection and a safe place to hide from their enemies.
But those of us who know Your character trust You,
because You have proven faithful, never turning Your back on those who need You.

All of us should sing God’s praises because He rules here on earth.
We should tell the world about all He has done for us.
There’s no doubt that God gives murderers what they deserve,
But He also gives the helpless and the hopeless what they need most.
He doesn’t turn a deaf ear to the cries of those in trouble.

Which is why I ask You to show me mercy, Lord.
I know you see what is happening to me.
I am as close to death as I have ever been,
So I ask you to provide a way of escape so I can give You the credit,
And hold a party to celebrate Your salvation.

It’s amazing, but those who reject You and hate those who serve You
Have ended up falling into the trap they set for someone else.
But it shouldn’t surprise me, because You are known for doing what is right
And giving the wicked exactly what they deserve in the end.

Eventually, all who oppose You will end up dead.
Spiritual death is the end result for all who fail to give You the honor You deserve.
But You will never fail to give those in need what they need,
You will not let the poor and oppressed suffer indefinitely.

So here is what I am asking Lord: Act now!
Don’t let a bunch of weak-kneed, arrogant humans stand up to You.
Judge them. Give them something to fear.
Remind them that they are just men and You are God.

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