Psalm 40 – Day 2

Something Worth Talking About.
(Based on Psalm 40)

I expectantly waited on God,
And hearing my cry for help, He turned toward me.
He brought me up out of dark place,
Where I was stuck, and unable to free myself.
But He put me back on solid ground,
And gave me a firm path for my feet.
He put a new song in my mouth,
A song of thanksgiving to our God.
For many who hear it, it will result in a reverence for God,
Causing them to trust Him more.

Happy is the man who refuses to follow the way of the proud,
Or turns aside to believe their lies,
But instead puts his trust in God.
All the wonderful things You’ve done for us God are too great to count,
I couldn’t even begin to tell about all the plans You have arranged for us,

Sacrifices and offerings are not what You want from us.
I can hear You clearly now,
And burnt offerings and sin offerings are not what You are asking for.
Then I said, “I come before You because of what is written in Your word,
I find joy in doing what You want me to do,
Because Your law is written on my heart.

I have talked about Your righteousness to large crowds,
And You know I didn’t hold anything back, Lord.
I didn’t keep what I know of Your righteousness to myself,
But I have openly talked about Your faithfulness and salvation.
I didn’t try to hide news of Your mercy and truth from anyone.

So I ask You not to withhold Your compassion from me, Lord.
Let Your mercy and truth continually guard and preserve me,
Because I find myself surrounded by all kinds of bad things,
The guilt of my sins has overtaken me,
I can’t even see clearly any more.
The number of my sins seems greater than the hairs on my head,
And I have lost all hope.

I beg You Lord to find it in Your heart to save me,
I need You to hurry up and help me.
Let those who would want to harm me be sorely disappointed.
Let those who wish me ill-will be turned aside in humiliation.
Let their shouts of joy over my demise be turned to devastation.

But let all of us who seek our security in You find joy and gladness.
May all of us who love Your salvation be able to say repeatedly,
“The Lord is great!”
Yet here I am, poor and needy, and the Lord takes notice of me,
He is my help and source of deliverance.
So don’t hesitate for a second Lord! Act now!

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