Psalm 52 – Day 2

Misplaced Trust.
(Based on Psalm 52)

Why do you boast about all the wrong you’ve done, oh mighty man?
God’s mercy and love will outlast you.
Your tongue is like a sharp razor, planning evil and working deception.
You love evil more than good and prefer telling lies instead of the truth.

You love to destroy others with your words and deceitful lies.
But God has everlasting destruction planned for you,
He is going to grab you and rip you right out of your comfortable home,
He will pull you up by the roots – removing your life altogether.

Those who are righteous in conduct and character will watch it happen,
They will be in awe of God and laugh at you.
“Look how this mighty man refused to find his strength in God,
Instead he sought safety in the abundance of his wealth,
And grew confident and strong through his pursuit of evil.”

But as for me, I am like a flourishing olive tree in God’s house,
I have permanently put my trust in His love and mercy.
I will continually give thanks to Him for He has made it possible.
I will expectantly wait on Him, based on His reputation,
For His people have found Him to be good all the time.

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