Psalm 60 – Day 2

We Will Do Mighty Things.
(Based on Psalm 60)

O God, our sin stinks so bad You can hardly stand to be around us,
So You have ended up scattering us in Your anger.
I ask that You would restore us.
Even the earth seems to shake and tremble before You,
You split it open, and only You can restore it.
You have allowed your people to go through difficult times,
It has left us unstable and staggering like we’re drunk on wine.
But for those who fear You, You have given a banner to display,
That contains the truths of Your promises.
You will deliver those You love,
I beg You to save us by the power of Your hand.
You have spoken from Your throne,
“I will triumph! I will plunder Shechem!
I will portion out the Valley of Succoth as I see fit!
Gilead and Manasseh belong to Me!
Ephraim is like my helmet and Judah my scepter.
Moab will be like a pot where I do my dirty laundry,
Edom will feel the heel of my boot,
And I will triumph over Philistia.”
But I can’t help but ask You, O God,
Who will make it possible for us to enter a fortified city?
Who will lead us into Edom?
It has to be You, but it appears that You have rejected us,
And that You no longer go out with our armies.
I beg You to give us help against our enemies,
Because any help we receive from man is useless.
But You make us like a mighty army,
You make it possible for us to experience victory over our enemies.

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